3 August, 2015

What an amazing club

In the words of the Merlin Rocket winner Nick Craig ‘This is how to run an event’, and the Shoreham Merlin Rocket fleet would like to thank the following for their fantastic efforts to ensure ourselves and the Fireballs enjoyed an amazing weekend both on and off the water.

In particular a HUGE thanks goes to Lisa and Bill Whitney who covered so many aspects of the weekend beforehand and on the ground, from Friday morning through to being nearly last to leave on Sunday – we couldn’t have done it without you!

On the water we had some amazing close racing on great courses and our safety crews received the highest praise for their exceptional service, so thanks to;

  • Race officer: Alan Chaplin
  • Assistant RO: John Shelton
  • Jonathan Lyward
  • Graham Ingram
  • Bill Whitney
  • Alastair Ball
  • Mark Sandell
  • Steve Piper
  • Peter Coe
  • Peter Allen
  • Warwick Baker
  • Michael Green
  • Steve Southall
  • Stuart Payne
  • Chas Hammond
  • Nigel Penney

Thanks to everyone that helped in the Galley who produced breakfasts, lunches and an amazing BBQ, all of which were enjoyed by over 100 hungry racers and their families;

  • Lisa Whitney
  • Rita Lintern
  • Louise Currell
  • Wendy Wood
  • Simon Wallace
  • Marion and Paul Wilcox
  • Alastair Ball
  • Martin Walker
  • Bill Whitney

Not forgetting all the other jobs and the people behind the scenes, so thank you also to;

  • Philip Ayton (everything onshore, risk assessments and a late night licence!)
  • Wendy Wood (Results)
  • Lesley Scarff (Entries and launch and recovery)
  • Megan Dooley (Entries and launch and recovery)
  • Anthony Bennet (Car and boat parking)
  • Jon Sharp (Car and boat parking)
  • Gary Inkpen (Launch and recovery)
  • John Mills (Launch and recovery)
  • Sofia Belhadj (Bar)
  • Charlie Warren (Bar)
  • John and Caz Mills (Bar)
  • Ivan Walsh (Fuel)
  • Chris Lintern (Safety boats)
  • Ralph Wyniatt-Hussey (Freezer loan)
  • Rory Brown (Freezer)

I am bound to have missed someone off the list so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if its you and I will add you!

In total (including Merlin helpers) it adds up to 50 people who have volunteered their time to make this fantastic event happen, for which we should be really proud.