15 September, 2020

Wanted: Vice-commodore

My time as Commodore is nearly up, and we are looking for a successor(s) to step in as Vice-commodore for next season with a view to becoming Commodore after that.

The club is in a great place at the moment so it’s a good time for consolidation – I’m in no way trying to put off anyone that wants to drive it forward, but also don’t want to put off someone that might think they haven’t the time to sustain the level of development that we have recently been through. 

The role of Commodore is to chair committee meetings and the AGM, liaise with our partners, and delegate to our wonderful committee and members. I see the Vice-commodore(s) taking on an increasing level of responsibility over the next season to ensure a smooth transition. This will be my fourth year as Commodore, which has become the norm in recent years but I will be recommending this is reduced to a maximum of three years at this years AGM.

If you’re interested in becoming the Commodore of our wonderful club then give me a call (07711519613) or email – even if it is to chat about any queries you may have or suggest a suitable candidate(s) (having asked them first!). 

Jeff has been an amazing Vice-commodore and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him publicly for all he has done. He always said he didn’t want to become Commodore but very kindly agreed to continue as Vice-commodore and see certain projects through to completion, for which the club has undoubtedly benefitted and for which I am very very grateful. Thanks Jeff

Sophie Mackley
Commodore, Shoreham Sailing Club