8 February, 2019

Update 8 February

Another day, another update, and this update follows on from;

A meeting was called by the Environment Agency, which took place today. Jeff, Chas and Tony Parker (Port) met with Keely (EA) and Terry (TVO) and they have proposed to;

  • Sort the drainage issues (the detail is to be confirmed)
  • Cover the dinghy park with BOD paving (this gives the ground structure so we can wheel boats over it)
  • Provide sandbags as a temporary solution for the overtopping

The timescale for this is by the 23rd March (although to manage expectations please assume we won’t have every single inch of it back by then, and it won’t be covered in grass).

The next deadline is w/c 18 Feb when they will let us have the full design proposal for the above.

In other news we have received the outstanding money owed by Mackleys.

Happy weekend everyone