4 February, 2019

Update 4 Feb

This update follows on from the letter we sent to the Environment Agency, TVO and Mackleys.

Further to sending out our disgruntled letter, there has been a flurry of activity and responses – unfortunately a polite email response or phone call does not amount to the reinstatement of our grounds, or the resolution of our other issues but having opened new lines of communication, we remain eternally hopeful.

From the EA and contractors;

  • Comments from Tony Camilleri, a Director at Mackley’s – ‘I have asked our Project Team to arrange a meeting with yourselves as soon as possible to ensure we address any outstanding issues over the coming weeks and we complete any reinstatement of the Sailing club’s land – to your satisfaction’.
  • The EA, TVO and Mackleys met on Friday, and today the EA team met with David Robinson, our local Environment Agency Operations Manager, to bring him up to speed. Meetings with ourselves are promised

Further action taken to date;

  • Communication and support from Tim Loughton MP and local councillor Joss Loader
  • We have received legal advice regarding both damages and statutory compensation (hopefully it will not come to this).
  • We have detailed advice from a contract lawyer (again hopefully it will not come to this).
  • A chartered engineer, experienced with dealing with the EA has provided support and advice.
  • Article published on Yachts and Yachting and shared on social media.
  • Members and friends are lobbying the EA and contractors – in person and on social media. Please keep it up

Further EA related news items in the Shoreham Herald recently;