29 April, 2020

Update 29 April 2020

Whilst the club remains closed the committee are keeping up to date with the latest information and advice from the government and RYA. We have met online and are working to ensure that (when we are able) we will be in a position to support any activity. We will share any developments with members by email and through the website and social media.


We have had an insurance query from a member which has prompted us to remind you that within our sailing instructions members are required to have ‘adequate insurance, with cover of at least £2,000,000 or the equivalent against third party claims’. We highly recomend you retain any insurance as although not racing it is still possible for boats to be damaged within the dinghy park – as has happened to one of our catamaran members recently.

Online activities

In response to the current lock-down the following activities are (or have) taken place for members;

Club projects

Not all projects and planning have stopped due to coronavirus and we are pleased to report that;

  • Committee boat: A deposit has been paid and work has begun.
  • Fencing: The fencing around the club is now complete – see below.