25 March, 2019

Update 22 March

Our dinghy park has been handed back to us, one year behind schedule, in a state that, whilst not grass, has the best chance of becoming grass that we could hope for!

The entire surface that was occupied by the contractors has been covered with a layer each of;

  • geotextile,
  • subsoil,
  • more geotextile,
  • topsoil and BOD paving
  • and then seeded

Now is the best time for the new grass to grow, and we plan to limit the amount of boat movements on the new surface (Certainly no cars please) as much as is reasonably possible, so there will be limited (but enough) boat storage for the foreseable future. When there is sufficient growth we will move the boats again, with a further permanent move when we are satisfied as much has been done as can be.

The contractors still have remedial work to carry out on the slipway itself, where bits of concrete have come away and we are still waiting to hear about what further action will taken regarding the overtopping and seawater incursion. A new issue has arisen where the exposed rock revetments to the North of the slipway are rolling down the beach, as the gravel bags holding them are collapsing – the Environment Agency and Port are aware of this.