20 February, 2019

Update 20 February

Today we are one step (more like a leap and jump) closer to the reinstatement of the dinghy park. We had a meeting with the Environment Agency, Team Van Oord and the Port where we were presented with a proposed solution to the problem;

  • Two french drains, running East-to-West and North-to-South
  • The area where their compound was will be cleared of topsoil
  • In its place will be a layer of subsoil, a geotextile layer and a bedding layer with BOD paving, which will be seeded.
  • We will have enough area to be able to operate on the 31st.

All of the above means we will have a surface which can store and move boats over, and which will allow the grass to grow. We also have a drainage solution which should resolve the current issue with standing water. This still needs to be ratified financially by the Environment Agency, and we will have confirmation by early next week (They have assured us that we do not need a Plan B).

In other developments;

  • We have had a formal letter from the EA acknowledging our initial enquiry
  • We continue to share updates on social media, and appreciate those that are liking and sharing to raise their profile.

A huge thank you to everyone who has contacted us and offered support and advice – it is greatly appreciated.