1 March, 2021

Transitioning from junior to youth and beyond

The 420 class – “transitioning from junior to youth and beyond”

Tuesday 16th March at 1900 an SSC online talk

Jess gives her insight into what the 420 class has on offer for those transitioning and a ‘what she wishes she knew at 15’! What pitfalls to miss and the basics to get right.

Jess has recently taken on the 420 head coach role having successfully raced them herself before sailing the 470 as part of the British Sailing Team.

Please note: This talk will be delivered ‘live’ via Zoom at 19:00 and will be recorded and published for those who can’t make it. Those attending will be muted but will be invited to use the Chat function in Zoom to submit questions.

To join this lecture at the time shown, follow this link;

Meeting ID: 815 2384 2835
Passcode: 042959