25 November, 2015

Summary of AGM news

For those that couldn’t attend, below is a summary of some of the discussions and reports from the AGM.

The committee are sadly losing three valuable members – Phil Popple, Fireball fleet captain, Peter Finch, Cruising captain and Gill our Honorary Secretary. The role of Fireball fleet captain is no longer required and Peter will continue to organize the annual cruising adventure. Caz Mills will be stepping in to take over from Gill, who’s tireless work for the club has been very much appreciated. See the full committee here.

A huge vote of thanks went to Lisa Whitney for all her hard work in the galley and organising the fantastic catering we have enjoyed at our events this season and previously. She is stepping down and will be handing over the reins to the capable hands of Mandy Walsh. Rita Lintern will continue delivering us some fantastic food on race days – for which she and Chris were thanked.

Thanks were also given to the following;

  • John and Caz Mills for their continued work managing the bar.
  • Peter Finch for his professional advice in putting on a new balcony.
  • Gareth Griffiths (and team) for running the successful Improver days.
  • Richard Bramley for ensuring that dutyman was populated this season.
  • Chris Lintern for maintaining the safety boats.

One of the clubs biggest successes this year was the running of an incredible Fireball and Merlin Rocket open meeting – it was a weekend when the whole club pulled together and showed everyone our strength in race and event management, and it received great coverage in the yachting press and from the individual fleets.

Individual success in 2015 included;

  • Alex Warren: 2nd at Salcombe Merlin Week and Merlin Inland champs
  • Tony Curtis: 2nd at the Weta Nationals/Worlds
  • Bill Whitney and John Shelton: 4th at Wayfarer Nationals
  • Ivan Walsh: Top 10 race finish at the Phantom Nationals
  • William Warren and Mark Oakey: 1st Parkstone Merlin open meeting
  • Steve Popple: His performance at Camel week

The club has retained its financial position this year, with the operating surplus being close to budget. Whilst the number of members has reduced, the increase in fees has ensured that income from subscriptions and boat fees has risen slightly. Our social/trading income is down inline with the decision to run less open meetings/national championships, and has also been impacted on by a tough racing season with either too much wind or not enough. The weather has also affected our expenditure as with less racing, less fuel has been required, however in general our operational/administrational costs are a little higher. Payments have come out the capital account for a new engine for one of the RIBs and necessary repair work on the slipway. For further information on upcoming capital projects see Development below.

: A small increase in fees was proposed for 2016 at a rate of £5 per member (excluding cadets) with no additional charge being put on storage this year. Agreed fees for 2016 can be found here.

Distance membership: Due to a decrease in those racing this season a proposal was put before the AGM to encourage sailors from further away to come to the club. The limiting factors at present are the number of duties required and by reducing this and off-setting it by limiting the number of visits they can have, we hope to encourage those living outside a 35mile radius of the club to join us racing at Shoreham. The agreed proposal (to be run as a trial) was for a maximum number of 10 visits per year, for which they would pay £100 subscription, £30 joining fee and storage and harbor dues at the standard rate. They will be required to do one weekend on-water duty.

SUP and Kayak membership: Raised in Any Other Business was discussion around a Stand-Up-Paddleboard (SUP) and Kayak membership, targeting members of the local community. Discussions had been had with the local SUP shop owner who was very enthusiastic about the proposal, with assurances that he would readily promote it to his customers and potentially let the club have some beginner boards that could be used by members and their visitors. The committee were charged with looking at a possible membership within the ‘Affiliate membership’ title that would encourage local residents to join the club with the provision for paid storage, washing down their boards and access to the clubs facilities.


Balcony: The committee has agreed the construction of a new balcony to replace the current one which has fallen into a state of disrepair and is becoming dangerous. The new balcony was delivered to the club this week and work will continue over the winter to ensure that it is in place in time for the new sailing season in 2016. The design and construction has been managed by Peter Finch and John Mills, who will be coordinating its installation.

  • The masts that are currently hanging underneath the balcony will need to be removed by 1 January so that work can continue on putting up the new one.

Slipway: Next season is set to be an exciting one as we look forward to having a new concrete slipway, which is being built as part of the Environment Agency’s Adur Flood Defense scheme. The specifications of the slipway have been agreed and the timing for the works will be confirmed once a contractor has been appointed, but it is due to start in 2016.

Freehold: Talks with Shoreham Port regarding the purchase of the freehold for the club are currently on hold whilst the flood defense work and associated ownership ‘rights’ are established.

Security: There have been thefts within the club grounds – of trailer wheels and components of the Scouts RIB, as well as damage to a catamaran and we need to establish whether there has been any additional ‘vandalism’ as we compile a report for the Police. Stuart Benjamin is co-ordinating and there is more information on the website.

Grass cutting: The grass cutting contract has been agreed for next season, however the committee were asked to look into the strimming of the areas around boats and potentially look at the boat space allocation and define separate rows for boats (and spaces) that are not regularly maintained.

Keelboats: The committee to look at appropriateness of having keelboats in the club, general feeling of members present was that the facilities are not right for keelboats, other than for boats with fully retracting keels.

Adur Sailing Club: Following the recent closure of Adur Sailing Club (by the bridge) the committee are to contact the appropriate people there to see if any help is needed.