22 June, 2018

Slipway update – June 22

Painfully slow progress continues on the slipway, but it still continues… If you have been to the club you will know that more deadlines have been missed and they are still here on the 22 June. The latest target they have given us is 13 July, and the sailing programme has been changed to reflect this. To ensure that we do not lose even more of our sailing season we have decided that the work to reinstate the grass will not now happen until the Autumn which means we will be left with a temporary surface to store boats on.

We are currently waiting for the following from Mackleys, Team Van Oord and the Environment Agency;

  • Slipway and back-slope to be finished
  • Site to be levelled and compacted for the storage of boats
  • Stand-pipe and electricity to be relocated and a fence to be erected to the South of the ramp
  • EA to agree timing for reinstatement back to grass
  • Full access to our dinghy park

We are relying very heavilly on the support of Shoreham Port Authority, who are without doubt the best landlords we could have hoped for, and we must not lose sight of the wonderful slipway that we will have…

On a personal note, thank you to all the members for your tollerance in this situation, it really is much appreciated.

Sophie Mackley
Chairman Shoreham SC



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