6 April, 2020

Shoreham SC Virtual racing

Shoreham SC have their own VIP Virtual Regatta account and will set up regular virtual racing for club members whilst we are confined to our homes.

We will kick it off on Wednesday 8th April with a warning signal at 1755hrs – each race is limited to 20 participants and will last 5-6 minutes, so we can get a few races in each session, and everyone gets to have a go. This is for fun, but if feasible we will extract some sort of results to make a series. Club racing will be organised through the Covid-19 Sailing WhatsApp group already set up so please email with your phone number to be added.

To get started on Virtual regatta you will need to;

  • Download the Inshore racing app to you phone, device or play online on your PC.
  • Sign up for a free account.
  • Complete their online sailing course as to how to operate your boat.
  • The organiser will then set up a race and share the code (through WhatsApp)
  • Members put in the code and join the race, or can watch it online

See the RYA’s video:

And for those looking for some top tips on how to set it up and play see the RYA’s tips for racing (.pdf) and watch the video:

If you’re doing it with friends then it can be fun to share the experience so book in a meeting or call on Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype. (Keeping on top of messaging and playing means it is often easier to play the game on a PC).

See you on the (Virtual) water!