3 March, 2021

Shoreham SC are going green

And its not just the weed growing on the slipway! The committee have recently signed up to be more environmentally friendly and these are just some of the steps we have already taken;

  • New nozzles for the hoses to reduce water flow
  • Waterbutts for washing down boats and running the safety boat engines
  • Regular beach and club grounds clean-ups to remove rubbish
  • Think before you print – Sailing instructions and event documentation only available online.
  • Ban on use of clothes driers within the club

On the list to do;

  • Better signage to raise awareness of use of our valuable resources, specifically water and electricity within the club by;
    • reducing the length of time in the showers
    • clearer recycling points
  • Publicise good practice
  • Discourage single-use plastics
  • Making our events more sustainable
  • Audit of the facilities and grounds identifying areas where we can improve our environmental credentials.

We are now part of the RYA’s GreenBlue initiative (, and Louise Carr has taken on the role of being our Environmental representative – please email Lou to get involved. Our Environmental policy which can be viewed below;

The Shoreham Sailing  Club is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. 

This policy statement sets out the following aims to achieve this:

  1. Meet the environmental legislation that relates to the operation of the clubhouse and boat park, and where possible identify opportunities to adopt best practice over and above the minimum legislative requirements.
  2. Ensure the club manages all potential pollution risks to protect our local watercourses.
  3. Minimise the use of electricity with regular reviews of usage and appliances used and adoption of energy saving behaviours.
  4. Reduce our consumption of water through improved water efficiency and avoiding unnecessary waste particularly when cleaning boats and showering.
  5. Manage all waste generated by the club through a hierarchy of reduce, re-use and recycle before responsible disposal.
  6. Endeavour  to take a sustainable approach to running events.
  7. Publicise our environmental commitment and encourage sustainable best practice amongst our members and visitors.
  8. Take the environmental credentials of our suppliers into account when procuring new products. By doing so we wish to encourage other organisations to integrate sustainability into their own operations.
  9. Measure our progress and review this environmental policy on an annual basis to ensure continual improvement.