17 April, 2018

Sailing from the Club with the temporary slipway

If you intend to sail from the club outside of racing please follow the guidelines below;

  • No vehicles within the dinghy park or on the temporary ramp
  • Access to the temporary ramp is by a combination lock – the same number as used to access the club and grounds
  • Launch and recovery must take place within three hours either side of high tide
  • Please do not leave the slipway gates open when you are on the water
  • DO NOT attempt to launch on an incoming tide with no or very little wind – you will not get round Soldiers point and there is no safety cover to assist
  • If you intend to sail out to sea we recomend you let someone know when you are going and expect to return, and/or inform coastguard watch – 01273 463292
  • Please follow all other guidelines when sailing in the harbour and keep a good look out for other harbour users – particularly commercial vessels

We ask that you follow these guidelines closely as we are answerable to the Port for infringements, and all of our sailing will be at risk.