Sailing instructions

All racing will be held under the current ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing and the Club Sailing Instructions – June 2019.

Races to count will be approx. 60% of total number of races sailed (when 5 or more races are sailed). The table below shows the number to count in all cases:

Races sailed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 >11
Races to count 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 7 ~60%

Racing will be held for the following fleets:

First race on “2-race” days: (including Spring, Summer and Autumn Series)

  • Fast Handicap Overall (SSC club PY =< 1008), with class/fleet results extracted for Catamarans, Merlin Rockets and Fast Handicap only
  • Medium Handicap Overall (SSC club PY > 1007), with class/fleet results extracted for Phantoms, Lasers, Wayfarers & Medium Handicap only

Club Championship and Youth Club Championship results are based on these races only

All other races: (including PM, Easter Cup, Wednesday, Cooler and Youth Series)

General Handicap


  1. Starting sequence on Sundays will be 5-4-1-0 unless otherwise stated. The starting sequence on Wednesdays is 3-2-1. Note that Fast and Medium Handicap fleets will normally be started separately, a minimum of 5 minutes apart.
  2. Class/Fleet results will be extracted from the Fast and Medium Handicap races, subject to there being at least two starters in that Handicap race. Any Class result will stand even if there is only one entrant in that Class.
  3. Duties: Average points will be awarded to helms at the end of each series, for each Race Officer, Assistant or Support Boat duties they performed in that series. (Refer to section 10.5 of Club Racing SIs for full conditions.)
  4. Times are GMT or BST as appropriate. It is the responsibility of competitors to be ready to start at the scheduled time. Where races are scheduled Back to Back (B/B), the second race will start as soon as possible after the first has finished.

Please note it is the responsibility of all duty crews, race officers, etc. to re-arrange / swap their duties if unavailable. To swap your duty, please log on to the Duty Man website