Race officers

Being a race officer at Shoreham

We offer a mentoring option for those new to being a race officer who would like to partner a more experienced member – please email the Dutyman co-ordinator if you are interested in this.


  • These guidance sheets have been written to provide information to assist club Race Officers to run races safely
  • These documents should be read in conjunction with the current Club Racing Sailing Instructions (SI’s), schedule of racing and aide memoires
  • As Race Officer (RO), you are responsible for making decisions on the day and this guidance does not override that responsibility
  • A Duty Committee Officer (DCO) is allocated for each scheduled race day and is able to provide advice and guidance if required

 Guidance Sheets

Racing news

16 May 22
Merlin and 420 open

Shoreham Sailing Club are delighted to welcome the Merlin Rocket and 420 fleets to compete at their...