Shoreham crews

If you’re looking for opportunities to crew for somebody or are looking for a crew yourself then please email to be added to the list. Please tell us your;

  • Name
  • Contact details (These note that these will be in the public domain)
  • Your level of experience (Beginner, intermediate or advanced)
  • What type of sailing you’d be interested in (Dinghy racing, recreational sailing)
  • What type of boat you sail (If a helm looking for a crew)
  • When you are available – weekdays and/or weekend (for recreational), wednesday evenings and/or Sundays (for racing).

We can only list helms looking for crews if you are already a member of Shoreham SC.

Racing news

Crews looking for helms

Name Contacts Experience Type of sailing Availability
Hannah Jump
Advanced – have sailed for 12 years at Adur Sailing Club, less experience of racing but have raced before. Interested mainly in dingy racing, but also in recreational sailing Available all days, both weekend and weekdays.
Dominic Plucknett or 07939 387180 Intermediate Recreational Sundays (Although can be available on other days with advanced notice)
Ray Konodyba 07522428847 Advanced sailing experience (good results in interclub dinghy regattas + on my way to yachtmaster) Both recreational and dinghy racing, slight preference for racing Available any time
Tim Mellor 07500 621784
Advanced (Majority of racing experience in single handers (Toppers and Lasers), but have crewed in a Buzz for a few years and various other boats) Racing Wednesdays and Sundays
Sam Baars  07814 609596
 Beginner  Recreational (for now!)  Weekends

Helms looking for crews

Name Contacts Experience Type of sailing Type of boat Availability