26 February, 2019

Pre-season works

Its nice to say that we won’t be needing a working party to remove and replace the sleepers from the old slipway which is what normally happens at this time of year, but we still have plenty of jobs needing doing.

Slipway – times to suit

We’re looking for volunteers of two to ensure that we can get the slipway clean and weed-free before 31 March. Its quite fun, and maybe a little dirty, but critical to getting us back up and running for the season. Jeff is co-ordinating, and the most knowledgeable on how it all works, so if you’re available to help then please get in touch with him –

Working party – 6 April

We’re planning a working party on Saturday 6 April (not quite pre-season, but near enough!). This year our intention is to tidy the club and clear our boundaries as we are planning on refencing the grounds and generally improving the club and dinghy park.

There will be many types of jobs, internal and external, so opportunities for everyone to be involved. If you are able to attend please contact Sophie –