31 July, 2018

Not the event that was planned

As previously reported we had to cancel the Merlin and Osprey Open but it was still worthy of a great write-up by Frances Gifford on Yachts and Yachting.

It was great that so many visitors stayed on despite no racing, and Shoreham SC put on a great show, so a HUGE thank you to all the club members that made it possible for everyone to have so much fun, food and entertainment.

  • Bill and Lisa for some great decision making, running the match racing and doing a load of work behind the scenes in preparation for the event.
  • Mandy Walsh helped by Mandy, Rita, Gill and Hilary in the galley for cooking up a storm beforehand and on the day for an unknown number of people.
  • The Shoreham Merlin BBQ kings for stepping in to do some fab burger flipping at short notice
  • Hammond and the Hurricanes (or were they Spitfires?) for playing some great tunes which we all loved
  • Mandy for sharing her birthday with us
  • Ivan Walsh for manning the match racing safety boat, doing his thing behind the decks, and generally being ridiculously helpful
  • John and Caz for stocking the bar full of some lovely drinks which were mostly drunk!
  • Everyone that turned up for their duties despite the forecast.