5 April, 2016

New gate padlock

We have a new padlock for the vehicle gate, which uses the same code as before and should be a lot easier to use, and Chris has kindly written some instructions on its use.

The security of the club and your boats is everyone’s responsibility so locking the gate properly is very important.

Instructions for the Operation of SSC Gate Padlock

When applying the padlock always put the hasp of the padlock through the lock hole from North to South. This ensures the lock digits will be visible at the top. Putting the lock through the other way results in the digit face facing downwards and makes the operation of the padlock almost impossible from outside the gate.

When opening the padlock dial up the code from the top and simply press in the button in the centre of the bottom of the padlock.

Once the gate is open simply attach the padlock on the gate hasp and close the gate without the padlock being engaged.

When leaving the club the gate should be closed and the padlock hasp passed through the hole in the moveable part of the fixed gate upright.

With the correct code set on the padlock close the lock and turn the digits away from the code number. Check that the lock is set before leaving.

If anyone is unsure of how to operate the padlock ask someone at the club to demonstrate it for you.

Chris Lintern