Club etiquette and rules – the stuff you need to know!

Everything that makes our club run smoothly

The Club tries not to over-do the rules and regulations as our sport is primarily about having fun. However, being situated within a commercial port makes it imperative, on safety grounds, that a few simple regulations are adhered to and there are a few other ‘done things’ that ensure everybody can have a great experience without any hassle.

On the water

  • Racing: We are lucky to enjoy some of the best sailing water on the south coast and to make it possible;
    • Please make yourself familiar with the club’s sailing instructions.
    • All those intending to race need to sign-on in the clubhouse (Under 18s need to be signed in by a parent or guardian)
    • If you intend to race, or have raced, your help is required to ensure that the safety boats are launched and recovered.
  • Recreational sailing: If you plan to sail on your own without safety cover it is your responsibility to ensure that someone knows that you are going out, and that you are back safely.
  • Duties: Members should do four duties each season and these can be selected on Dutyman. If you do not feel confident to do any duties then please sign up for one of our training days or let the Dutyman co-ordinator know so that you can be paired with one of our more experienced members.
  • Harbour regulations: Please familiarise yourself with the Harbour regulations.
  • Bouyancy aids: Buoyancy aids must be worn on the water at all times.

On shore

  • Access: The club facilities are accessed by the code you received in your Welcome email (please do not share this code);
    • Please use the keypad to access the clubhouse and ensure that the door shuts behind you when leaving.
    • There is a padlock to secure the vehicle gate and if you are last to leave please ensure that the gate is locked behind you.
  • Boat park: All boats are parked at the owners risk in spaces allocated by the committee;
    • We recommend that you tie your boat down to the chains provided.
    • It is the owner’s responsibility to keep the grass around your boat cut – there is a mower in the green container.
    • All boats must have a membership number clearly visible
  • Car parking: Please do not park your car inside the club grounds.
  • Slipway: Everyone needs to use the slipway so please try to keep it clear for launching and recovery;
    • No vehicles on the slipway
    • There is a winch at the top of the slipway, the code for which is available on request.
  • Food and drink; Thanks to the hard work of club members we have a great Galley and Bar;
    • Galley: The Galley is open on Sundays serving breakfast and delicious baguettes, drinks and snacks. To be sure to get what you want we recomend odering your lunch before you go afloat.
    • Bar: John and Caz keep our bar well stocked and if they’re not there a committee member will be happy to open it for you. It is run on an ‘Honesty’ basis. Please do not wear wet gear in the bar.
    • BBQs: We have a number of BBQs that can be used by club members, and are generally lit for everyone to enjoy a BYO meal after sailing on Wednesdays. If organising your own BBQ please bring your own charcoal.
  • Rubbish: All rubbish goes in the bins – the green lid bin is for general waste and the blue lid ones for recycling
  • Dogs: Dogs must be kept under control by their owners at all times.

Visitors and guests

Please bring your friends and family to visit our wonderful club, and enjoy our great facilities. Whilst they are on the premises they are asked to abide by the same code of conduct as all members.

Guests bringing their own boat to the club are are allowed four sailing visits. Temporary sailing guests are asked to contribute £10 towards use of the facilities and are required to fill in the Visitors book which is located in the Club room.

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