22 February, 2020

Junior integration days

Our new Sailing Secretary, Ben Jones has been working with the Improver group and Adur Sailing Club to identify ways to develop our Junior membership and offer a better pathway to develop their skills and improve integration with club racing.

To make this happen we are offering three days of joint activities and need the help and commitment of club members to ensure that they can happen and are fun for everyone taking part.

We do hope that you can see the value in and importance of these activities and that you will all volunteer your support now so that we can plan properly and make them a success. And FUN. Please email Ben ( to offer assistance and confirm attendance for any of these events.

Sunday 12 April  – after racing – Try a Racing Boat               

Objective: Boats to remain out after racing for 15-30 mins to swap crews with an Adur senior.
Member Requirement: Volunteer boats and crews to remain out.

Saturday 9 May – 1130 – Racing Boat and Club Racing Introduction

Objective: A series or short races with club racing boats taking Adur seniors as crews, similar to the Merlin day held a few years ago.
Member Requirement: Volunteer boats and helms, and particularly Wayfarers, RS200s, 400s, etc as well as Merlins.

Sunday 2 August – 11.00 – Club Regatta

Objective: A full day or racing and other events in teams made up of both Adur and members with the aim of getting to know each other and having fun. Fully sponsored prize giving and free BBQ.
Member Requirement: Maximum attendance and enthusiasm.