2 April, 2015

Joint racing with Lancing SC

We’re excited to be joining forces with Lancing SC on the water this season.

In the racing calendar there are two dates (May 31 and July 26) when we will share racing in an area off the church on Shoreham beach. A third date, 20 September is Barts Bash, which will again be hosted by Lancing SC.

These three days will constitute a series (with prizes!) and it is hoped that as many people from both clubs can qualify.

Here are the details;

  • Dates: May 31, July 26, September 20 (Barts Bash)
  • Sailing area: Off the church of the Good Shepherd
  • Course: Trapezoid (using average lap times)
  • Optimum length: 1 hr 15 mins
  • Starts: 1 start for all boats (unless we have a HUGE turnout!)
  • Number of races: Two per day back-to-back
  • Start time: 1100hrs
  • Afterwards: Food and get-together after racing;
    • May 31- Lancing SC
    • July 26 – Shoreham SC
    • September 20 – Lancing SC