24 April, 2016

Shoreham Bake Off and balcony opening

Monday 2nd May was set to be a great one, but we had to postpone it until Wednesday, so apologies to anyone that missed out.

So, on Wednesday after an idyllic sail in light winds out at sea, we celebrated our new balcony with an official opening and the first Great Shoreham Bake off. The ribbon was cut by Chairman Chaz who thanked all involved in making it possible.

All those attending will be able to confirm that the standard was high, and it was a truly great turnout (for both sailing and baking). After the scores were counted, the winner was Joy Ayton, who’s cake was not only a work of art but very tasty – well done Joy (Joy’s cake was the one with Strawberries and blueberries on the right – yum!), and thank you everyone who took part.


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