22 March, 2018

Duties for the 2018 season

This season, we will be instigating a new procedure for duty allocation. In the past it has been threatened, but this year we will be allocating duties for members that haven’t signed up for their four duties. You have until 1 May to select your own duties and after that those of you that race and use the club regularly will be allocated duties, which you will then have to swap amongst each other should you not be able to make it – this is the normal procedure in other clubs, and we have been very lenient in the past.

Whether you race or not, as a members club we rely on you all doing duties, and without this contribution the club would not be there for you to store your boat, enjoy the lawn or just potter about on the water. Those that feel they can not do water duties are still able to contribute by helping out with shore-based duties including working parties (there will be a few of these soon as we try and reorganise the dinghy park) and;

  • At open meetings we look for members to help with;
    • Taking entries and inputting results
    • Car and boat parking
    • Launch and recovery
    • Running the bar and helping in the galley
  • Liaison with Sussex YC for their races
  • If you can help in other ways then please feel free to offer your services

On the water duties are briefly described below and if you aren’t feeling confident about getting involved then please get in touch with a member of the committee – there are lots of great opportunites to learn by being paired with someone more experienced and we offer a reduction on training if you want to develop your skills through an RYA course.

  • Race Officer – Organising racing, including liaising with the Port, setting courses and a fair line, starting and finishing. Race officers have clear set of guidelines which will soon be available online as well as in hard format on the day.
  • Assistant Race officer – Helps run the racing as above, with timing and flag pulling duties. This is a great way to train as a race officer and you get a grandstand view of the racing – when you’re not writing down times!
  • Safety boat helm – Safety boat helms must be comfortable with manouvering a RIB for rescue, mark laying, and towing. We don’t ask for RYA Powerboat Level 2, but it does help.
  • Safety boat crew – There’s some lifting and dropping of marks so a degree of strength helps, but your helm should always be able to lend a hand. Also requires a keen pair of eyes to keep track of the racers.

We are of course sympatheitc to those with injuries of illnesses that mean they can not do duties but please let Richard know.

If you don’t have a login for dutyman then please email Richard Bramley who has the thankless task of making sure the duties are filled and we get to go on the water!