15 May, 2021

Duties 2021 – URGENT

Firstly, a huge thank you to all those that have signed up for duties, but as we move through the first half of this sailing season, there are a large number of duty slots to be filled. There are also a number of members who have not yet volunteered for any duty at all – we know who you are!

Whether you race or not, as a members club we rely on all members to do duties. Without this contribution the club would not be there to store your boat, enjoy the lawn, use the slipway or just potter about on the water – its also a great way to meet fellow sailors.

We urgently need all club members to step up and fill the vacancies.

Whilst allocating duties is a last resort, we did it to good effect in 2019 and will do so again now as we have hit crisis point and are relying on the same people to fill spaces as and when they occur, which is unsustainable. There are races scheduled over the coming weeks which won’t go ahead unless the duties are filled. You have until 1 June to select you own duties and after that date you will be allocated them, which you will then have to swap amongst each other should you not be able to make it – this is the normal procedure in other clubs.

Please read about the duties we’re looking for and sign up on Dutyman. If you have any questions or difficulty accessing Dutyman contact Paul Walker who is happy to answer any queries.

The committee will support those looking to get qualified and we can pair up those looking to gain more experience, particularly as race officers and safety boat drivers.