11 October, 2018

Dinghy park reinstatement work

Exciting news, we have more information for you regarding the reinstatement of the dinghy park grass! The contractor will begin work on Monday 29th October. They’ll be removing material, de-compacting, laying topsoil, seeding, and so on.

The small areas either side of the slipway will remain concrete, where the tap is, so we don’t end up with a bog every time we wash our boats down. There will be space to the north to give access to the slipway while the work is going on.

However, we need you to please move your boats to help us get ready for the contractor. Please join the working party on Sunday 28th October at 2.30pm onwards, to lay new chains and move your boat. If you can take it offsite, that would be fantastic, but if not, please move it onto the good grassy area outside of the works.

Broadly speaking, if it has good grass on it, you can park your boat on it. The car park won’t be available to us, so please don’t move boats in there! We will have to pack all the boats on the grassy area, so please do be considerate with your parking! It’s much appreciated.

Finally, it’s imperative we stay off the newly laid grass for as long as possible. To give the seed the best chance of taking root and binding to the soil, we need to leave the area alone until February.

If you have any questions, just give us a shout on

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