Club boats

The club has a number of boats which are available free of charge to club members during the Improver and Junior race training sessions, and available to hire outside of these times.

The club fleet includes;

  • 2 x RS Fevas
  • 1 x Topaz
  • 5 x Toppers
  • 2 x Optimists
  • 2 x Teras (juniors only)

Boat Loan Club

The full rules and regulations for hiring club boats can be found here, but in summary

  • To loan a club boat you need to join the Shoreham SC Boat Loan Club.
  • Membership is open to all Shoreham SC members.
  • Loan requests can be made by email.
  • The day is split into two sessions – morning and afternoon.
  • The loan fees are per session and range from free for an old club Optimist to £10 for an RS Feva.
  • There are restrictions on wind strength and sailing area.
  • Please read the full rules for all the info and join using the membership form.

Boat loan rules


  • SSC Boat Loan Club is open to SSC Members.
  • Members must be able to demonstrate their sailing ability to the satisfaction of a committee member or appointed person.
  • Juniors must be supervised by parents or guardians at all times.

Session times:

The boats will not be available to hire if being used for Junior race training or Improver sessions;

  • Morning: 0830hrs to 1430 hrs
  • Afternoon: 1430hrs to 2030hrs

Fees: Sessions cost

  • £5 each, or £10 for two sessions – Optimists (x 2), Toppers (x 5), Teras (x 2)
  • £10 each, or £15 for two sessions – RS Fevas (x 2), Topaz (x 1)

Payment can be made in advance by BACs or using a card machine on the day (if available).

Bookings: Use of the boats is strictly by pre-booking only.

  • To book a boat please email
  • Bookings can be made up to a maximum of 4 weeks in advance and no later than 48 hours before use.
  • Anyone not taking up their booking or cancelling within 24 hours will not be refunded.
  • Sessions postponed due to poor weather may be carried over to alternative dates.

Club Dinghy Hire Requirements

  • Sailing area: When club boats are being used outside of organised club activity, members must restrict their sailing area to inside the training wall to the East of the club and up the River Adur.
  • Sailing conditions: Maximum wind speed – no gust over 20knots. Club boats must NOT go out if there is a Force 6 (21 knots or more) forecast either average or gusts on the Met Office Inshore Waters Forecast.
  • Minimum qualifications – The hirer must be able to demonstrate their ability to the satisfaction of the committee, or an appointed person.
  • Clothing – All persons using a Club dinghy must be suitably dressed for the conditions and wear a suitable buoyancy aid at all times whilst afloat.
  • Safety – Outside of organised club activities parents or guardians must be in a position to affect a rescue if necessary.
  • Rigging – Members must demonstrate their ability to rig the class of dinghy they propose to hire.
  • Improver sessions and Junior race training – Club dinghies will be allocated and may be used free of any charges when use is by members participating in Improver sessions and Junior race training.
  • Beaching – Club boats may not be used where the intended use involves removing the boat from the water other than on a properly fitting launching trolley on the Club slipway
  • Club dinghies may only be used by Club members and cannot be hired out or used by non-members (as helm or crew).
  • Hirers will be bound by the Club Rules and Shoreham Port Bye Laws and go afloat at their own risk.
  • The hirer may not sail Club dinghies other than from the Club site without written approval from the Committee.
  • After use – Boats must be properly washed off, giving particular attention to the fittings, returned to their dinghy park space and the cover put back on with all the straps done up.
  • Any problems found, damage or breakages must be reported. The hirer must also inspect the boat prior to use and report any damage found immediately. The last person using the boat will be held responsible for any unreported damage.
  • If it becomes necessary to make a damage claim against the Club Insurance, then the hirer will be responsible for paying any Insurance excess.