11 September, 2020

Barts Bash – Sunday 13 Sept

We’re excited to be partnering with Lancing Sailing Club to run Barts Bash on Sunday 13th September. The details of the racing are below, but in summary there will be one start for all competitors, raced on a trapezoid course and you have to go through the start/finish line every time. A second race will be run back-to-back to find the winner of the 2020 Battle of the Beaches;

For all those participating we ask that you sign-up on the Barts Bash website and register Lancing Sailing Club as your venue. As this is a charitable event, raising funds for the Andrew Simpson Foundation, we are proposing that all competitors donate £5 to this very worthy cause (this can be done on their website).

The Andrew Simpson Foundation

The Andrew Simpson Foundation is continuing the legacy of Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, an Olympic Champion and America’s Cup Sailor who tragically died in 2013. Andrew passionately believed that everyone should have the chance to try sailing and enjoy the many benefits that it brings.

Absolutely everything the Foundation does is driven by our belief that all young people have the ability to excel and succeed in life and work. We believe that the challenges of Sailing and Watersports do this by promoting health and well-being and building essential personal skills.

We provide opportunities for everyone to get out on the water and we do this by delivering a range of key charitable activities, further enabled through fundraising and partnerships.