5 July, 2019

Allocation of duties

We have now started allocating duties to members that have not signed up as was explained in communications back in June.

Whether you race or not, as a members club we rely on all members to do duties – each member is required to do four duties. Without this contribution the club would not be there for you to store your boat, enjoy the lawn or just potter about on the water.

We felt it was unfair to allocate duties over the next couple of weeks so there are still races scheduled in July which won’t go ahead unless members step up urgently.

Members will now have to swap amongst each other should you not be able to make your allocated duties, but it is your responsibility to do this – this is the normal procedure in other clubs, and we plan to implement this for the rest of this season, and in the future.

Recently joined members are allowed a certain grace period before you too will be allocated duties (proportionate to the mount of time that you have been a member).

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