3 November, 2022

AGM 2022

The Shoreham SC AGM is scheduled for Sunday the 27th of November at 09.00hrs at the clubhouse – racing will follow so if you intend to sail, please come changed ready to go afloat as soon as the meeting closes.

We will update this page with the relevant documentation as it becomes available. Please send all items for discussion to the Honorary Secretary no later than Friday the 18th of November.

We are looking for members to join the committee in the open roles listed below. Any interested members, please declare your wish to stand to the Honorary Secretary or Commodore as soon as possible.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the 2021 AGM
  3. Chairman’s Annual Report
  4. Trustees’ Annual Report (incorporating the Annual Statement of Accounts and the Independent Examiner’s Report on the Accounts
    4.1 Approval of the Annual Statement of Accounts (duly examined) and the Trustees’ Annual Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Re-elect Independent Examiner
  7. Approval of 2023 subscription & boat fees
  • Subscriptions: Annual subscription to increase as below:
    • Single Adult: £175
    • Family: £250
    • Distance: £125
    • Young Person / Student: £60
    • Associate: £50
    • Cadet: £30 (remains the same)
    • Visitor: £15
  • Joining Fees to increase as below:
    • Family / Single Adult / Distance: £30
    • Young Person / Student: £10
    • Associate: £10
    • Cadet: £0
  • Boat Storage to increase by: £5
  • Renewing members: We would like to continue to reward renewing members by offering 5% early payment discount, if paid before the end of January 2023
  1. Election of committee members
    Re-election of committee members:
  • Commodore: Tyler Harmsworth
  • Vice Commodore: Peter Snowdon
  • Treasurer: Rob Rattray
  • Membership Secretary: Paul Walker
  • Fleet Captain Merlin Rocket: William Warren
  • Fleet Captain D-Zero: Steve Southall
  • Fleet Captain RS200: Louise Carr
  • Fleet Captain Multihull: Stuart Benjamin
  • Fleet Captain Wayfarer: Philip Ayton
  • Social Co-ordinator: Ivan Walsh
  • Facilities & Maintenance: Will Carroll
  • Training: Richard Bramley

    8.2 Election of new committee members:

  • Honorary Secretary: Fiona Stevens
  • Sailing Secretary:
  • Junior Development:
  • Junior Fleet:
  1. Election of Trustees
    9.1 Re-election of trustees:

    • Tyler Harmsworth
    • Rob Rattray
    • Philip Ayton
    • Ian Knight
    • Richard Bramley
  1. Approval of amendments to the constitution;
    Remove last sentence from 28.2:

“These Bylaws and Regulations must be in accordance with the objects of the CIO and are hereby incorporated by reference (as amended from time to time) into the constitution.”

So 28.2 will read:

“The Trustees or a simple majority of Members by way of a general Meeting may make such Bylaws and Regulations as they shall from time to time think fit and shall cause the same to be exhibited in the CIO premises for fourteen days before the date of implementation.”

       10.2 Remove Clause 33:

“33 Appendix A –Shoreham Sailing Club Bylaws – see separate document”

  1. Any other business (inc. members items for discussion)