1 December, 2020

AGM 2020 – 15 December

The Shoreham SC AGM is scheduled for Tuesday 15 December at 1900hrs.

The meeting will be conducted online using Zoom to adhere to the government’s Covid regulations. Zoom includes the option to dial in from your telephones as well as accessing it online through your tablet, PC or phone.   

To attend the meeting you must register by email by 1500hrs on Monday 7th December, and those registered will receive;

  • A unique link to join the Meeting
  • Access to online voting forms for;
    • Minutes of 2019 AGM and 2020 EGM
    • Accounts for 2020 and re-election of the auditor
    • Subscriptions for 2021
    • Election of committee members
    • Election of Trustees
    • Changes to the bylaws of the constitution

Voting will close the day before the meeting on Monday 14th December at 1500hrs. Under normal circumstances all items to be voted on are open for discussion at the meeting, but with the current restrictions this will not possible. Should members have any concerns or comments we will publish these alongside the proposals, and request they be submitted by Monday 7th December at 1500hrs to be included in the document.

We ask any members that would like to volunteer for any committee roles, or have other items they wish to raise with the committee, that they be submitted by Monday 7th December at 1500hrs. These will be addressed during the meeting or under Any Other Business.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of 2019 AGM: AGM minutes 2019 (.pdf)
  3. Minutes of 2020 EGM: EGM minutes 2020 (.pdf)
  4. Matters Arising from 2019 AGM and 2020 EGM
  5. Trustees report: Trustees annual report (.pdf)
  6. Chairman’s report: Report of 2020 (.pdf)
  7. Treasurer’s report: Report for 2020 AGM (.pdf)
  8. Approval of accounts
  9. Re-elect auditor
  10. Approve 2021 subscription and boat fees 
    • Subscriptions: Annual subscriptions to remain the same
    • Joining fees: Joining fees will no longer be applied
    • Boat parking fees: To remain the same
    • Renewing members: We would like to reward our renewing members by offering a 5% early payment discount. 
  11. Election of committee members – see website for further details.
    • Re-election of committee members
    • Election of new committee members
  12. Election of Trustees
    • Sophie Mackley
    • Philip Ayton
    • Ian Knight
    • Richard Bramley
    • Vice-Commodore – to be confirmed
  13. Any other business