28 April, 2015

A few ‘done things’

Its early in the season so I am sure a few of you may not have got fully back into the swing of things. Whilst the Club tries not to over do the rules and regulations there are a few simple regulations adhered to and there are a few other ‘done things’ that ensure everybody can have a fine sail without any hassle, so here’s a little reminder;

  • Sign on before racing: Everyone must sign on if they intend to race, including sail number, class and the names of those going afloat.
  • Safety boats: If you have raced or intend to race then you should be helping with launch and recovery of the safety boats.
  • Please do not park your car inside the club grounds and no vehicles on the slipway
  • Everyone needs to use the slipway so please try to keep it clear for launching and recovery and remember, Down on the Left, Up on the Right!
  • All racing is run under the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016 and the SSC Club Racing Sailing Instructions and as such these should be adhered to.

Being situated within a commercial port makes it imperative, on safety grounds, that a few simple regulations are followed;

Harbour regulations

Helms must always give way to power craft in the river and harbour mouth, and harbour regulations must be obeyed. Any person violating these regulations will be disqualified.

The most important restriction concerns movement of boats out of the east and west arms into the harbour entrance.

Signals are made on the middle pier as follows:

  • An amber light occulting every 3 seconds on the middle pier control station, forbids entrance to the harbour from the sea.
  • A red light occulting every three seconds over the western arm, forbids movement in the western arm (the river).

If moving in the harbour area when the signals are displayed you must get clear of the main channel as soon as possible and keep to the sides.