27 November, 2017

2017 successes for Shoreham SC

At Shoreham we have a number of very successful sailors who compete on the open circuits and at National sailing weeks and championships, here are just a few hilights from 2017 – if there is anyone that we have missed then please let us know by emailing


  • 1st at Lymington Town regatta: Tyler Harmsworth
  • 2nd at POSH regatta, Paignton: Tyler

Merlin Rocket

  • National Championships:
    • 2nd overall: Alex Warren crewing for Andy Davis
    • 9th overall: William Warren and Mark Oakey
  • Salcombe Merlin Rocket week
    • 2nd overall: Alex crewing for Andy
    • 1st over-45 and 10th overall: William and Mark
    • 1st Lady helm: Sophie Mackley and Mary Henderson
    • Family slate: Warren family
  • 1st Merlin Rocket Silver Tiller (overall for the season): Alex crewing for Andy
  • 1st at Whitstable open: Alex crewing for Andy
  • 1st at Lymington town regatta: William and Sophie
  • 1st at Rutland open: Alex crewing for Andy
  • 2nd at Whitstable open: William and Mark
  • 3rd at Chichester snowflake: Ben and Helen

National 12

  • 1st lady helm and 10th overall at the National Championships: Sophie Mackley and Charlote Stewart
  • 1st Arrows trophy (for best-placed first-timers): George Smith and Alice Crick


  • 1st at Felpham regatta: Steve Popple
  • 2nd at Arun regatta: Steve


  • 1st at Salcombe open meeting: Mark crewing for Paul Oakey


  • 3rd at Inland championships: George Smith


  • 3rd overall at the National Championships: Tom Jeffcoate and Tim Hartley
  • 1st at Sidmouth open: Tom and Tim
  • 2nd at Staunton Harold open: Tom and Tim


  • 2nd overall at the National Championships: Bill Whitney and John Shelton
  • 2nd overall at the Inland championships: Bill and Lisa Whitney
  • 3rd overall at the East Coast Championships: Bill and Lisa