IMG_9110Visitors are welcome at Shoreham SC whether for open meetings or to join in club sailing. If using the clubs facilities outside of an open event visitors are requested to pay £10 on each visit – a bargain for use of such excellent facilities and easy access to some of the best sailing water in the UK.

The Club tries not to over do the rules and regulations as our sport is primarily about having fun. However, being situated within a commercial port makes it imperative, on safety grounds, that a few simple regulations are adhered to and there are a few other ‘done things’ that ensure everybody can have a fine sail without any hassle.

  • Please do not park your car inside the club grounds, as we need all the space we have for boats. There is plenty of parking just outside the club (though the council have put up signs here forbidding overnight camping).
  • No Vehicles on the slipway!!
  • Please do not wear wet gear in the bar.
  • Everyone needs to use the slipway so please try to keep it clear for launching and recovery and remember, Down on the Left, Up on the Right!
  • Take note of sailing instructions and briefings, especially when notice is given of ship movements within the harbour. Please take particular note of the harbour regulations.