Shoreham crews

If you’re looking for opportunities to crew for somebody or are looking for a crew yourself then please email to be added to the list. Please tell us your;

  • Name
  • Contact details (These note that these will be in the public domain)
  • Your level of experience (Beginner, intermediate or advanced)
  • What type of sailing you’d be interested in (Dinghy racing, recreational sailing)
  • What type of boat you sail (If a helm looking for a crew)
  • When you are available – weekdays and/or weekend (for recreational), wednesday evenings and/or Sundays (for racing).

We can only list helms looking for crews if you are already a member of Shoreham SC.

Racing news

16 May 22
Merlin and 420 open

Shoreham Sailing Club are delighted to welcome the Merlin Rocket and 420 fleets to compete at their...

Crews looking for helms

Name Contacts Experience Type of sailing Availability
Frank Koopman
079 7978 3030
Intermediate – started sailing when I was 7 in Optimists and other dinghies. Race experience in teenage years on lakes in the Netherlands. Later experience in 30-40ft yachts in Portugal on Atlantic. Haven´t sailed much in the last 10 years and would love to crew again. Anything from dinghy to yachts, recreational and racing. Motor boat welcome as well. Holder of a valid International Certificate of Competence for Inland and Coastal Waters. Every day of the week (with advanced notice)

Helms looking for crews

Name Contacts Experience Type of sailing Type of boat Availability