Membership fees

2020 fees

Membership fees for Shoreham SC run from January through to December and are renewable each year – members receive a discount on prompt payment of their membership renewal. The fees for 2020 are as follows;

Annual subscriptions

All ages are on the 1st January that year

  • Single (Aged over 21):  £160
  • Family (Single member, spouse/partner, their children or grandchildren – under 21):  £225
  • Distance (Single adult living outside a 35 mile radius of the club): £110
  • Young Person/Student (Aged 17 but not 21 + full time Students):  £55
  • Associate (Interested in sailing but who do not sail at the Club):  £35
  • Cadet (Under 17 + sponsored by single, family, associate):  £25
  • Honorary:  free

Joining fees

  • Single:  £30
  • Family:  £30
  • Distance: £30
  • Young Person:  £10
  • Student:  £10
  • Cadets :  free

Boat and storage fees

Shoreham Harbour fee contribution of £20 for first boat, plus Club storage fee of:

  • Topper in racks:  £20
  • Small boats:  £55
  • Single handers:  £60
  • Double handers:  £65
  • Catamarans:  £75

Temporary membership

Visiting members from another RYA affiliated club are permitted four visits in a year, before they required to join. (Any money paid is then deducted from their subsequent membership fees – if paid that season)

All visitors need to be signed in by a Shoreham SC member – further info available on our Visitors page.

  • Temporary:  £10 per visit

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