Shoreham Sailing Club committee

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Sophie Mackley

Sophie chairs the committee meetings and is focusing on the long-term Development Plan of the club and securing external funding. Sophie sails a blue and white Merlin Rocket

    • T: 07711519613
    • commodore @


We are looking for a new Vice-commodore with a view to them becoming the next Commodore for 2022. Find out more.


Philip Ayton

Philip is responsible for all club finance and is our representative in financial dealings with Shoreham Port, Adur District Council, Utility Suppliers, HMRC, Cleaning Services etc, also Building Contractors. Philip can often be seen in the front of a Wayfarer

    • T: 01273 553173
    • treasurer @
Honorary secretary

Helen Hilditch

Helen’s role includes arranging Notices and Agendas for Committee meetings and maintains the Minutes. Helen sails a blue Merlin.

    • T: tbc
    • honorarysec @
Sailing secretary

Ben Jones

Ben is responsible for setting Club Racing Programme, maintaining SIs, and dealing with outside associations in order to set Open Meeting activities. He sails a blue Merlin

    • T: tbc
    • sailingsec @

Chris Handel

Chris sails a D-zero and an RS200 with his son.

    • T: 07985813859
    • membership @

Fleet captains



We are looking for someone to represent the Wayfarers within Shoreham SC.

Merlin Rocket

William Warren

William is Merlin fleet captain and the lead contact with Lancing Sailing Club

    • T: 07802 587831
    • merlinfleet @

Steve Southall

Steve is D-Zero fleet captain.

    • T: tbc
    • dzerofleet @
Cruising fleet captain

Jamie Wright

Jamie sails a dark blue Merlin Rocket, but his latest acquisition is a mirror – perfect for exploring.

    • T: tbc
    • E: cruising @

Louise Carr

Louise is RS200 fleet captain and also looks after merchandise and is our RYA Green Blue Rep.

    • T: tbc
    • rs200fleet @

Stuart Benjamin

Stuart is Multihull fleet captain.

    • T: tbc
    • E: multihull @
Junior fleet


We are looking for someone to represent the Juniors within Shoreham SC.

Handicap fleet

Tyler Harmsworth

Tyler is Handicap fleet captain and races an International Canoe.

    • T: tbc
    • handicapfleet @

Other members

Dutyman co-ordinator

Paul and Ivan

Paul Walker and Ivan are responsible for setting up Duties on the system and checking progress thoughout the season.

    • T: tbc
    • E: dutyman @
Junior Development

Gareth Griffiths

Gareth’s focus is on Junior Development through youth training activities and events.

    • T: 07974 915682
    • E: juniordev @
Social co-ordinator

Ivan Walsh

Ivan manages all Social activities, ad hoc and formal

  • T: tbc
  • E: social @
Facilities and maintenance

Will Carroll

Will’s focus is on the maintenance and upkeep of our facilities.

  • T: tbc
  • E: facilities @
Training co-ordinator

Richard Bramley

Richard is responsible for setting and actioning training programmes within the Club and with outside agencies.

    • T: tbc
    • E: training @

We have a number of club members that don’t sit on the committee but provide invaluable voluntary support.

  • Bar: Ivan Walsh
  • Boats: Ian Knight
  • Results: Martin Walker
  • Safeguarding: Antonia Wright
  • Galley: Vacant